Find information on a property

You may also find properties on the map at

To search for cadastral numbers, use this query: Municipality-land number(gårdsnummer)/title number(bruksnummer).
Example: Oslo-1/100


Real estate

To transfer a real estate you have to fill out a deed (skjøte)

Inheritance of property

When a person dies, the deceased’s property should be transferred to the heirs or to a spouse or co-habitant in an undivided estate.

Housing cooperatives

In order to register that a housing cooperative (borettslag) unit has changed owner, you need to fill out and send the form for transferring a unit in a housing cooperative.

Useful information


When filling out a deed to register a new owner or registering a mortgage document, witnesses have to sign the document.

Power of attorney

If you cannot sign a document yourself, you can grant power of attorney to another person.

The title holder signs

When a document is to be registered, the registered owner of the property must sign the document by hand.