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Declaration of ownership in connection with inheritance

When transferring a property by private administration of the estate to the heirs the form “Declaration of lawful title” (in Norwegian “Hjemmelserklæring ved arv/skifte/uskifte”) must be filled out.

Declaration of ownership in connection with inheritance

Guide to filling out the form

Please follow the guide below if you are uncertain as to how the declaration form should be filled out.  The declaration form must be printed, signed by hand and sent by regular mail. Two copies must be submitted, and these may be two original forms or one original and one certified copy.

Check what has been registered before filling out the declaration of ownership.

Assistance in filling out the information

Send the forms to:

Real property

  • Kartverket Tinglysing
    Postboks 600 Sentrum
    3507 Hønefoss

Housing cooperative

  • Kartverket Ullensvang
    Postboks 200
    5788 Kinsarvik