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Tide Tables

The publication Tide Tables lists heights and associated times for all high and low waters in 16 standard ports, and time and height corrections for approximately 200 secondary ports.

The publication giving the tide tables for the Norwegian coast and Svalbard, Tidevannstabeller for den norske kyst med Svalbard, is the official tide table in Norway. It gives times and heights of high and low waters for 16 standard ports in Norway, and the British port of Dover. The publication is issued annually.

Important: Due to a data update a new version will be published in the spring of 2021.


Tide Tables

Tidevannstabeller 2021 - Tide Tables for the Norwegian coast with Svalbard, and Dover, England (pdf 1,7 MB)

Water level and tidal predicitons

Information with observed water level, tidal predictions, reference levels, statistics etc. are found on our webservice Se havnivå.

Se havnivå

Chart datum

Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT) is used as chart datum north of Utsira (an island close to Stavanger). In the southern part (between Utsira and the Swedish border) the tidal range is small and chart datum is 20 cm lower than LAT. In the inner Oslofjord chart datum is 30 cm lower than LAT.

The publication also contains information about chart datum relative to other tidal levels, return levels for extreme high and low waters and national vertical reference systems (Normalnull 1954 and Normalnull 2000).