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Tidal and Water Level Data

An API for the tidal and water level data in Norway is available, and our widget makes it possible to show tide tables directly on your website.

Water level data are available through an API (Application Programming Interface), which makes it possible to extract data and integrate them with your own systems.

API Tides and water level data

Documentation and user guide for the API are available at:

API water level data

Terms of use

The API is open for everybody and does not require registration, but the Norwegian Mapping Authority, Hydrographic Service must be credited, since we are licensee of the data.

The use of the data are licensed through Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international (CC BY 4.0).

Please send us feedback at, especially if you use the data to create new services or apps.

Get tidal forecast on your website (widget)

Our widget makes it easy for you to show tide tables from Norway directly on your website, giving your visitors updated tidal information directly from the Norwegian Mapping Authority, Hydrographic Services' database.

The widget is of value for marinas, local media, beaches, campsites and Norwegian coastal municipality eg.

How to embed the widget:

  • On Se havnivå, search for the place/position you wish to collect a tidal forecast from.
  • To the right, below the next expected high tide prediction, you will find the meny item </>.
  • Click on the menu item </>.
  • Copy the code and embed it in your own publishing platform.
  • English Widget: Add language=en to the URL (web address).

Tide tables and water level forecast at Se havnivå

The webservice Se havnivå shows observed and forecasted water levels, and tide tables for almost any place along the Norwegian coast. If you are interested in water level information for within the next five days, we recommend that you use the water level forecast.