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Satellite and positioning data

The Norwegian Mapping Authority provides real-time satellite data that can be used to create positioning services. We also have background maps and analysis-ready data sets covering Norway based on data from the Sentinel-2 satellite.

The Norwegian Mapping Authority has over 250 geodetic stations spread across the entire country that receive and forward satellite observations. This enables us to correct and determine their precise position, thus achieving centimetre-level accuracy. We use basic data from the stations in our own positioning services CPOS and DPOS, as well as providing this data to others who wish to use them in their own positioning services. Please note that this data must be purchased.

For further information and purchase please contact our customer centre, tel. ( +47) 32 11 80 00 or email

The Norwegian Mapping Authority also possesses satellite data that is free of charge. We offer two background maps composed of cloudless mosaics of satellite data from the Sentinel-2 satellite, and analysis-ready data sets from one of the mosaics. We are currently using one of the mosaics as a background map in Norway in pictures to show Norway as a homogeneous and seamless map layer.

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Areas of use/application

Basic data from the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s geodetic stations can be used to create positioning services. A positioning service can be used for mapping and surveying property boundaries, recording and retrieval, in construction machinery, in the mining industry, in agricultural and forestry machinery for fertilising/sowing, in e-works and for nautical mapping.

The background map based on data from the Sentinel-2 satellite is continually updated and can be used to monitor changes in the terrain. The map can be used on a larger scale as a basis for map maintenance, analysis and as reference information in the geographical information system (GIS).

Analysis-ready data of the cloudless mosaics can be used for many different purposes, where one wishes to use raster data calculations of the various spectral bands Sentinel-2 offers.

Product properties

Basic data from all the geodetic stations are collected and redistributed to external users.

The background map from the Sentinel-2 satellite has been pre-stretched to provide a smooth transition between the grids. The analysis-ready data set consists of corrected atmospheric data, and it also includes vector data that is dated.


Basic data from the geodetic stations is provided in standardised, receiver-independent RTCM 3.2 MSM5 format in datum EUREF89/ellipsoidal heights.

The necessary additional information about the stations (e.g. approximate position, accurate coordinates and type of equipment) is provided by both the NTRIP list of sources and downloadable information that is made available according to agreement with those purchasing data.

The background map from Sentinel-2 is provided as GeoTIFF and Shape. There is also an API (WMS) included with one of the maps.