An inception study for the project "Maps and statistics for sustainable development goals" has begun, with cooperation among partners in Kyrgyzstan and Norway for approximately 2,5 years.

The main partners in this project include:

  • The State Registration Service (SRS): SRS is leading the national SDI committee
  • The National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan (NSC): The statistical office is a partner of the NSDI committee, and central in the project as they are the main contract partner with Statistics Norway. NSC is a prime user of the results of the project: They have spatial data needs on both indicator work for SDG indicators production, as well as SDG indicator presentation. NSC has defined all except SDG goal 14 as relevant for their country, along with 90 indicators. SRS is providing NSC with data on a regular basis, and NSC is developing a technical framework for storing information on the SDG indicators.
  • Goskartografia: Goskartografia is a state geodetic institute under the Ministry of Natural Resources of Kyrgyzstan. It is one of the most important public actors on spatial data, and it has close cooperation with SRS. Goskartografia is responsible for topographical mapping and is a member of the NSDI committee.
  • State Agency on Environmental Protection and Forestry: An important public actor on spatial data responsible for forest mapping and different environmental issues, e.g. glaciers, hunting, nature-based tourism and environmental protection. The Agency is an active member of the NSDI committee and has close relation to SRS. Forest management is their main field.

Goals of the project include:

  • To identify spatial data for input in calculation of the indicators.
  • To secure that assessments and calculations are made on authoritative
  • Up-to-date data; that data being used in the SDG work is defined in the NSDI and on the national geoportal.
  • To have systems for making statistical maps for the country on several different levels or scales.

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