Se havnivå i kart

This web tool visualize present-day storm surge levels and future sea level rise. The data and maps illustrate the potential scale of inundation. The tool has applications for preparedness and prevention in risk management and adaption to climate change. You can get statistics on buildings, area and roads affected by coastal flooding in your community, and download inundation layers for custom GIS applications. The numbers for future sea-level rise take into account vertical land motion. 

For coastal planning, this web tool can help identify areas at risk of inundation, it may not be appropriate for site-specific decision making. In some cases, an onsite visit to verify information in the field is advisable.

Attention! The visualizations shown, are limited to areas of the coast where we have existing data with adequate accuracy for inundation mapping. While every effort has gone into ensuring the accuracy and correctness of the data and maps shown, appropriate use and conclusions drawn from the information presented here are the responsibility of the user. Note that the information shown here can contain errors, and that there are uncertainties related to the data used and methods applied. The Norwegian Mapping Authority reserves the right to make changes, corrections or improvements to this web tool and the information presented within.
How to use Se havnivå i kart.