The publication contains supplemental information beyond what is displayed on the charts, serves as reference material and is an important tool for use before, during and after sailing.

Download the Norwegian Pilot Guide series, Den norske los (pdf):

NB! Last updated May 2018. The sailing directions are to be revised and digitalized. Therefor the pdfs will not be updated until the digital version is published, except volume 1 "General Information".

Meanwhile, the pdfs with corrections/changes of the current sailing directions Den norske los, are published, are published at medio May and November each year.

The Norwegian Pilot Guide series, Den norske los, are produced and maintained by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service and comprises eight books. Only Volume 7, which covers Svalbard and Jan Mayen, is available in English.

The Norwegian Pilot Guide volume one provides general information of significance for mariners, while volume two (a and b) through seven describe separate parts of the Norwegian coast.

Mandatory publication

Vessels subject to registration are required to have the Pilot Guide on board the vessel. However, smaller vessels will also benefit greatly from the Pilot Guide, as it is adapted to meet the specific needs for information of the leisure fleet.

Important source of information

The publication contains sailing directions for the various fairways and channels and provides information on harbours, destinations and anchorage areas. The publication contains large scale charts of a number of harbours. There are also aerial photos, sketches and panoramic views, in addition to information on wind and tidal currents, weather statistics for the last 30 years and nature, animal and seabird reserves. Other information includes ship and boat yards, marinas, bunkers, local businesses, quay lengths and depths etc.

Nautical Charts

The official charts from the Norwegian Hydrographic Service are updated more frequently than the Pilot Guides. This means that if there are inconsistencies between the chart and the Norwegian Pilot Guide, the information in the chart should take precedence.

Important corrections to Den norske los are published in the Norwegian notices to mariners, Etterretninger for sjøfarende (Efs).

Please submit notices of necessary corrections to the Norwegian Hydrographic Service, P.O. Box 60, N-4001 Stavanger, Norway, or send an e-mail to

Digital version under development

The Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, which the Norwegian Hydrographic Service is governed by, has passed a motion to make the Norwegian Pilot Guide (sailing directions), available free of charge. The Norwegian Pilot Guide is to be revised and digitalized.