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Miscellaneous Notices to Mariners

7.3 Pilot Boarding

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is responsible for the state pilotage service. Pilot bookings are made electronically in the SafeSeaNet Norway messaging service on

For more information about the Norwegian pilot services, visit the Norwegian Coastal Administration's website

See an overview of Norwegian pilot boarding areas at

The Pilotage Act

The Compulsory Pilotage Regulations stipulate which vessels are subject to compulsory pilotage and the waters where the requirement applies. The compulsory pilotage requirement can be met by either employing a pilot or by use of a Pilot Exemption Certificate.

The general rule is that all vessels with a length of 70 metres or more are subject to compulsory pilotage when operating in waters within the baselines. Certain areas are nevertheless exempt from compulsory pilotage for vessels in transit to or from the pilot boarding area. For certain categories of vessels stricter rules apply, such as passenger vessels and vessels carrying dangerous and polluting cargo.

The Pilotage Act applies to Norwegian internal waters and the territorial sea, and it has also been made applicable to Svalbard.

Download the documents "Compulsory Pilotage Regulations – unofficial translation" and "Pilotage Act – unofficial translation" at

Read the Pilotage Act, lospliktforskriften, in Norwegian at

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