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Miscellaneous Notices to Mariners

7.1 Navigational warning service

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is the national coordinator for navigational warnings and provide warnings to ships containing urgent information relevant to safe navigation.

Obligation to report information relevant to safe navigation

Mariners are obliged to warn nearby vessel when aware of navigational hazards and failures of important aids to navigation. Furtermore, mariners must notify the Norwegian Coastal Administration as national coordinator for navigational warning of such hazards and failures.

Failures of aids to navigation or other navigational hazards shall be reported to the national coordinator by phone (00 47) 22 42 23 31, fax (00 47) 22 41 04 91 og by email:

Broadcast of navigation warnings

In Norwegian sea- and coastal waters, three types of navigational warnings are promulgated, NAVAREA warnings, coastal warnings og local warnings.

NAVAREA warnings are concerned with the information, which oceangoing mariners require for their safe navigation. NAVAREA warnings are broadcast by the SafetyNET and SafetyCast (medio 2020) satellite services.

Coastal warnings are broadcast by the International NAVTEX service and concerns information, which is necessary for safe navigation within areas seaward of the fairway buoy or pilot   station. The Norwegian coast is covered by six NAVTEX stations, Svalbard, Vardø, Bodø, Ørlandet, Rogaland og Jeløya. Coastal warnings are also broadcast by the coastal radio service on VHF voice.

Local warnings broadcast supplement coastal warnings by giving detailed information within inshore waters, often within the limits of a VTS area or the jurisdiction of a harbour or port authority. Local warnings are broadcast using VHF voice.

NAVAREA warnings and coastal warnings are available on the website of the Norwegian Coastal Administration, The publication of navigation warnings on this website is not intended as a substitute for, or alternative to the satellite service or NAVTEX, and does not relieve mariners from their responsibility to comply with MSI broadcasts in accordance with the provisions of SOLAS.

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